Land & Wildlife Stewardship 


Through consulting and management services, C2S2 will work with landowners to optimize the conditions for their exotic or endangered wildlife while increasing owner satisfaction and confidence with their wildlife program.  We use experts and cutting edge technology to help landowners achieve their goals:

      1. Habitat evaluation

      2. Goal setting

      3. Goal-directed management & implementation planning

      4. Assessment and refinement

      5. Monitoring

Landowners can customize this consultation with-

Land and Habitat Development: Making recommendations for how to optimize land and habitat to best serve the native and exotic wildlife on or planned for the property.

Regulatory Environment: Identifying opportunities for the landowner to benefit from the regulatory environment.

Monitoring and managing: Assisting the landowner in surveys and inventories of wildlife, help determine diversity and density of native and non-native species on property, assess natural resource management, determine production rates, optimize populations through genomics, and develop recruitment and dispersal strategies.

Planning and development: Making recommendations for additional species and consult on facility design (such as shelter, fencing, capture facilities, holding pens, breed pens, food and water locations, erosion control, and predator management).

Reproductive services: Genomics assessments; biobanking and artificial insemination (AI) of valuable specimens

For those who may be interested in acquiring new species, C2S2 can provide training and assistance in acquiring antelope and caprids for conservation breeding.

Please contact for more information.

Photo Credit: 
Addax: David Oberbeck, courtesy of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center