There are many ways you can join C2S2’s efforts to save species from extinction. Whether you’re a Conservation Center, a landowner, an individual interested in volunteering, or wish to support C2S2’s work financially, we are grateful for your support.

Conservation Center

The benefits of being a Conservation Center Partner (organizations with 500+ acres) or an Associate Conservation Partner (no space requirement) are:

  • Working with other experts in the field to develop innovative strategies and new economic and management paradigms for conservation breeding and reintroduction efforts of endangered species.
  • Expanding your institution’s conservation portfolio and leveraging its assets for conservation by building source populations of endangered species for reintroductions and assurance of survival.
  • Access to a broad network of qualified conservationists for increased partnership opportunities.
  • Access to new sources of funding for your conservation breeding efforts.
  • Spotlighting your conservation efforts and building brand equity with co-branded educational (pamphlets and exhibit experiences) and marketing materials that enhance public engagement and communicate successes.
  • Consultation services supporting your institution’s most critical issues and opportunities (24 hours of consultation for Conservation Center Partners and 10 for Associate Conservation Partners) from experts in:
  • Strategic collection planning for conservation breeding/recovery programs
  • Reproduction, conservation breeding, and reintroduction science
  • Research study design and implementation
  • Data management and analysis
  • Business planning and management consulting
  • Natural resource management;
  • Professional development and training

Expectations of Conservation Partners:

  • Contribution of a minimum of ($5,000 for Associates/$12,500 for Conservation Centers) annually for at least three years.
  • Can choose to designate up to 20% of annual dues towards species survival initiatives.
  • In-kind participation in at least one program.
  • Up to (5 for Associates, 10 for Conservation Center) hours of consultation or training offered to other C2S2 members based on institutional areas of expertise.