The Source Population Alliance (SPA) is a group of private landowners, Conservation Centers, and zoos who dedicate their unique resources to creating sustainable populations of wildlife that serve as dependable reservoirs for the conservation and use of animals in captivity and in the wild.

The common goal of Alliance participants is to contribute to populations of selected species by: (1) producing more funds for conservation, management, scientific research, and population sustainability, (2) improving awareness, and (3) returning populations to their native habitat.

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Create and preserve sustainable wildlife populations long-term using a combined private/public sector alliance.

How does it work?

Participants are connected by a common commitment to the conservation of wildlife species.

Participants include representation from the Conservation Centers, the private sector, the public sector, and members from various associations. Participation is by invitation only and includes those individuals and institutions who are willing to dedicate and sustainably manage a minimum number of effective (breeding age) animals as part of the Source Population Alliance metapopulation.

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