Population Optimization

Through close association with distinguished research institutions, C2S2 leverages cutting edge tools to improve information on the quality of individual animals and herds, thus supporting their sustainable management and quality.

POPULATION MODELLING AND GENOMICS. Understanding the overall amount of genetic variability in a population is one of the most efficient and effective ways to gauge its genetic health. C2S2 is working with the Conservation Centers to develop population modelling tools and processes for genomics-driven population modelling.

GENOME RESOURCE BANKING AND ASSISTED REPRODUCTION. By maintaining and making available frozen biological materials of individual animals with valuable genetics that are underrepresented in the population, genome resource banks combined with assisted reproduction techniques such as artificial insemination (AI) remove distance and time as obstacles to successful conservation breeding programs and connectivity with populations in the wild.

EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES. C2S2 is conducting studies related to our priority species that seek to understand how environmental, husbandry, genetics, and health factors interrelate with productivity. These studies help to identify risk factors and factors associated with success across the various zoological modes of management.