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Using financial data, land and climate characteristics, and production data, C2S2 is identifying the factors associated with the economical production of more animals that are healthier and socially/behaviorally resilient. Understanding the relationships between financial viability, animal production, and species characteristics can provoke critical thinking about the unique value that zoos, conservation centers, and private ranches each bring to the table as resources for the efficient and economical production of individuals able to serve as long-term source populations and withstand the realities of release into the wild when opportunities arise. 

C2S2 is launching a survey of wildlife ranches, conservation centers, and zoos with scimitar-horned oryx to identify operational efficiencies and estimate the financial impact of best practices in herd management, natural resource management, nutrition, etc.  A specific cluster of factors can be identified that are predictive of high production and economic viability.  This set of factors can be tracked over several years to determine if the populations become more or less efficient over time or when operating at a greater scale.

Photo Credit: 
Scimitar-horned oryx: David Oberbeck, courtesy of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center