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C2S2 conducts collaborative efforts of land stewardship that incorporate science-based research and education on approaches for creating sustainable exotic wildlife populations, while monitoring and enhancing native habitat and species. 

Key topics include-  1. Understanding CARRYING CAPACITY for endangered, non-native species on U.S. lands, 2. Understanding and mitigating cascade effects (a chain of events resulting directly from a prior event such as the decline of a number of species resulting from the extinction of a key species in the ecosystem), 3. Effective use of ANALOGOUS ECOSYSTEMS, (disparate ecosystems with similar biotic and abiotic features), and 4. Developing and communicating LAND MANAGEMENT practices that can bring balance back to ecosystems affected by cascade effects or the presence of exotics, thus sustaining and boosting critical populations while simultaneously recovering native fauna and flora.

Photo Credit: 
Cranes: Greg Lasley