genomics Services

C2S2 facilitates genomics assessments on many of our target species, including: 


Addra (Dama) Gazelle

Sable Antelope

Scimitar-horned Oryx

Genomics can provide more effective diagnosis of disease and health risks that reduce the genetic value of the herd and species. The more genetic variation in a population, the healthier and more resilient it will be against disease, the effects of inbreeding, and environmental change. 

Genomics technology can identify animals that are carrying genetic mutations related to increased disease risk, are reproductively inefficient, are genetically poor relative to the general population, are hybridized, or are related to others in the herd. Conversely, assessments of animals in a herd can identify high quality animals that are reproductively efficient, resilient against disease, and genetically valuable.  

Genomics samples are easy to submit – The preferred sample type is 1-2 milliliters of whole blood from each animal tested.  Alternatively, skin/muscle biopsies (biopsy darts), hair follicles, or fresh fecal samples also can be collected.  All samples can be stored in a freezer (preferably -80°C) until shipped.

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Nubian ibex:  Wikipedia