Team C2S2

Katy Palfrey

Chief Executive Officer

Unexpectedly, Katy got into animal reproductive control in 2009 while managing a division of Michaelson Prize and Grants in search of the world’s first non-surgical alternative to spaying and neutering pets. Katy has consulted for a range of organizations, developing business plans for a national education initiative, small businesses, and for the Conservation Centers for Species Survival’s (C2S2) Source Population Alliance, among others.

In late 2014, C2S2 transitioned from a consortium to a nonprofit organization based out of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and Katy was brought on as the first Executive Director in order to optimize the centers’ collective ability to save species through mutually beneficial, financially sustainable collaborations between institutions. Katy is focused on nonprofit entrepreneurship and business analytics, with the intention of utilizing business principles and open innovation to support endangered species sustainability. Among other things, Katy is interested in systems change, radical collaboration, and design thinking.

Katy earned an MBA from the number one school for entrepreneurship, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, at Babson College and a BA from Columbia University.

Katy is currently based out of Austin, TX.


Gavin Livingston

Source Population Alliance (SPA) Program Manager

Gavin describes himself as an animal care professional, conservationist and agriculturalist.

In 2014, he graduated from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University, majoring in Agriculture Business.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he interned at the Center for Elephant Conservation and worked with America’s largest herd of Asian elephant in both a free contact and protected contact settings. There he had the opportunity to directly handle and work with three female elephants and work around several renown conservationists. In May 2015, he began the role of Assistant Zoological Manager at Livingston Exotics LLC, a private off-site zoological breeding facility in Central Missouri. While working at Livingston Exotics, he pursued a master’s degree in International Agriculture from Oklahoma State University.

Gavin came on as SPA’s Program Manager in the Summer of 2016. In his current position, he is proud to manage SPA’s diverse public/private partnerships in order to reproduce species to ensure their survival into perpetuity and release back into their native range countries.

He is currently based out of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, one of C2S2’s members, in Glen Rose, TX.

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