Assuring a Future for Wildlife

Building healthy, adaptable populations for the survival of species

The Conservation Centers for Species Survival (C2S2) and member institutions are uniquely positioned to secure populations of endangered species for assurance and reintroductions. Given continued threats to critical habitats, an assurance population secured today is many species’ best bet for survival long term.

Species threatened or declining:
of birds
of mammals
of reptiles
of amphibians


A Partnership of Conservation Centers

The Conservation Centers are world leaders that have recovered some of the rarest species on the planet, from the giant panda to the black-footed ferret to the scimitar-horned oryx. The collaboration represents 100,000 acres of large, naturalistic areas and decades of experience in wildlife management, recovery efforts, and reintroduction programs.

C2S2 Initiatives

Research & Services

By conducting research across a variety of species at the Conservation Centers, on wildlife ranches, in zoos, and in the wild, we are developing the knowledge necessary to enable source populations and in-range populations to prosper. In all cases, our ultimate goal is to create populations and information that directly benefit the species in nature. Learn More

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